Rolling with Difficulty Season 2 Episode 7: "Overclock"

Riggs is safe! Or is she? Another call from Elyse sends the racing back to Sigil in this week's episode of Rolling with Difficulty!
Content Warning: Rot, Fungi, Trypophobia

Exiting the cave lair of the fanatical fungi, the crew of the Per Aspera and Riggs take a moment to breathe. Just a moment though, as a call from Sigil sends them rocketing back as fast as they, and their ship, can go. Will they return in time to stop whatever nefarious plot is cooking? Or will their attempts to overclock their spelljammer leave them stranded in the Astral Sea?

---Our show contains fantasy violence (and the occasional foul language), treat us like a PG-13 program!---

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Music by: Dominic Ricciardi
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Rolling Possibly with a bit of Difficulty
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