The Planescape is a big place, where gods sit on their eternal thrones, watching over their followers after their death in the mundane world. Where bloody and vicious wars have raged for so long even the immortals don’t remember how they began. Where the paragons of good and evil, law and chaos, impose their will. And where an endless sea of stars flows between it all. Great epics unfold throughout the Multiverse, but this isn’t one of them... Rolling with Difficulty is a D&D 5e actual play podcast following the adventures of the Spelljammer "Per Aspera" and her crew. Every episode Finbar, Kyana, Dani, and VR-LA travel to the far corners of the Planescape, compeleting odd jobs and errands along the way. A ragtag group of misfits, our heros are united by one thing, their ride, and they're not too concerned about how they keep it running. While the story of the Per Aspera unfolds sequentially, each episode is intended to cover a single entry in the gig-book of the crew, and therefore can be viewed in any order. Watch along from the beginnning or jump in for a single adventure, no matter how you listen in you're sure to find our heros Rolling with Difficulty!