Rolling with Difficulty Season 1 Episode 2: "Hell and Back Again"

Episode 2? Must be a train heist! Of course, for the crew of the Per Aspera, that train is in the Nine Hells...
Descend into Avernus! Wait no, not like that, we just have a train to rob!

Returning from a successful gig, the crew of the Per Aspera wastes no time picking up another job, stealing soul coins from the Nine Hells! Put on your cowboy hats and get ready for a good ole' fashioned train rustle! With stakes and speeds this high, will our intrepid heroes pull off this daring heist? Or will the fires of Hell prove too hot for the Rolling with Difficulty crew!

---Our show contains fantasy violence (and the occasional foul language), treat us like a PG-13 program!---

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- Sophia mixed up the Githyanki and the Githzerai, whoops! Better keep those space pirates and totally-not-jedi straight!