Rolling with Difficulty Season 1 Episode 1: "A Matter of the Heart"

Welcome to the Planescape dear viewers, and to the very first episode of Rolling with Difficulty!

On their first (televised) adventure, the crew of the Per Aspera takes on cliches by...starting in a tavern? Ah well, it's much more exciting after that, with questionable collectors recruiting out crew to set sail into the Astral Sea in search of the heart of a dead god. Will our "heroes" prevail and earn their end-of-year bonus? Or will the denizens of the vast and mysterious Planescape make this voyage their last?

---Our show contains fantasy violence (and the occasional foul language), treat us like a PG-13 program!---

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- Sophia forgot she had the spell sniper feat and missed a chance to ignore the penalty for partial cover, whoops!
- Austin's dog Travis wanted a taste of the limelight, and would not stop letting his voice be heard while recording...maybe we'll roll him a character next time.
- Sophia called the NPC "Otto" by the character that somewhat inspired him, "Hondo". Don't tell George Lucas.